Breed Surveys held 2017

Breed Survey held at Orchard Hills 13th May 2017

·         *Ch Siobhan Greyt Temptation (AI) AZ  (LSC) (Eroica Catch Me If You Can X  Valdimir Greyt Sensation BSCL2 Female Owner  C Becker & Y Yun

·         *Siobahn Greyt Impact (AI) AZ  (LSC)  (Eroica Catch Me If You Can x Vladimir Greyt Sensation) Owner  Mrs I Selby

·         *Hillmagic Black Cabb Sav AZ (Tais Von Haus Alfabo x Hillmagic Nix) BSCL 2 Male Owner   M Hopwood & R Wanders

·         *Kuirau Highland Fling AZ BSCL2 Female (Kuirau Casey Stoner x Kuirau Wild Rose) Owner   J Lawler

·         *Ambala Laughing AZ BSCL1 Female (Kwint V Juerikstall x Ambala Dollys Diva  ) Owner F Stokes & R & P Berechree

·         *Pamakay Minka AZ BSCL2 Female (Pamakay Goran x Pamakay Electra) Owner  J Delriego

·         *Kuirau Im A Diva AZ BSCL1 Female (Xaro Von Der Plassenburg xKuirau Takeira) Owner PG & DM & J Murray

·         *Hillmagic Kricket AZ BSCL2 Female (Vablo Vom Osterberger-Land x  Steinhuegel Charlotte) Owner M Hopgood & R Wanders                                                                          

*Ch Siobhan Greyt Temptation (AI) AZ  *Hillmagic Black Cabb Sav AZ *Pamakay Minka AZ
*Kuirau Highland Fling AZ *Hillmagic Kricket AZ  *Ambala Laughing AZ
  *Kuirau Im A Diva AZ  

Breed Survey held at Orchard Hills 19th February 2017

  • Ch *Reichkaiser Pepetual Grace AZ (LSC) (*Pepe von der Zentieche x *Andacht Erin Strauss) BSCL1 Female Owner L Yates & H Birac
  • *Andacht Mustang Still Flying AZ (LSC) (Zamb vom Schwarzaugen x *Andacht Flying Fox) BSCL1 Male Owner Mr Qi Li Xu
  • *Brigenti Ice Fire AZ (*Ury von Zisawinkel x Karma vom Schwarzaugen) BSCL1 Male Owner Mrs G Mansfield
  • *Bossface Bellatrix AZ  (*Toby von der Plassenburg x *Bossface Lainie) BSCL1 Female Owner by M & C Theris
  • *Freevale For Arts Sake AZ  (*Xaro von der Plassenburg x Freevale State of The Art) BSCL1 female Owner M & C Morris
  • *Lawine Takira AZ (*Toby von der Plassenburg x Lawine Zasjeminca) BSCL1 female Owner P & D Smith
  • *Aimsway Brooklyn AZ  (*Ury vom Zisawinkel x Aimsway Via Vegas) BSCL1 Female owned by J & L Martins
  • *Kuirau Indelible AZ  (*Xaro von der Plassenburg x Ch * Kuirau Takeira) BSCL1 female Owner P, D & J Murray
  • *Jaknell Sweet Painted Lady AZ (*Orrinshir Elton John x Jaknell Sweet Revenge) BSCL1 female Owner A & J Kada

*Freevale For Arts Sake AZ


*Kuirau Indelible AZ

If your dog has been successfully surveyed at one of the above surveys, please email the Web Master a photo of your dog.

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