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Chloe - 8 year old female

Meet Chloe an 8 year old beautifully bred shepherd who wowed the show world when she was in her teens. She is still a lovely looking girl and she does not look her age. This is a sad time for Chloe as her beloved owner is very unwell and she is looking for a new forever home.  Because she was so loved in her previous home she is looking for love again. She would be very happy in a home where she is in the house with her family and be included where practicable in all family activities. She must be given daily exercise and a good diet. She is not to be a guard dog as she is a bit soft and her bark is not loud. She would not cope being left in the back yard while everyone is out and frankly she does not deserve that. We do not know what she is like with children so an adult home would be best. She is not good with other dogs and we would therefore like her to be the only pet in the family. She must also have a very experienced owner who has had shepherds recently.

Please contact Jo on email and be prepared to let her know how much exercise and what sort of diet you are prepared to give and what sort of experience you have had with this breed. Chloe is currently located in the Hills district of Sydney.

Chloe is priced at $400



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