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Current dogs looking for homes:


Chloe - 8 year old female

Meet Chloe an 8 year old beautifully bred shepherd who wowed the show world when she was in her teens. She is still a lovely looking girl and she does not look her age. This is a sad time for Chloe as her beloved owner is very unwell and she is looking for a new forever home.  Because she was so loved in her previous home she is looking for love again. She would be very happy in a home where she is in the house with her family and be included where practicable in all family activities. She must be given daily exercise and a good diet. She is not to be a guard dog as she is a bit soft and her bark is not loud. She would not cope being left in the back yard while everyone is out and frankly she does not deserve that. We do not know what she is like with children so an adult home would be best. She is not good with other dogs and we would therefore like her to be the only pet in the family. She must also have a very experienced owner who has had shepherds recently. Please contact Jo on 02 94762782 or email and be prepared to let her know how much exercise and what sort of diet you are prepared to give and what sort of experience you have had with this breed. Chloe is currently located in the Hills district of Sydney.

Chloe is priced at $400


Mara - 4 year old female

Mara is a beautifully bred well trained pure bred German Shepherd aged 4. Her family have raised Mara to be good with children and she does get on well with the other fur kids in the family but they have realised they just cannot dedicate the time for such an active dog. They are very sad about making the decision to rehome her but whoever takes on this stunning girl will be glad they did! She is very loving, very intelligent and will make a beautiful addition to a family who knows the breed and will be prepared to carry on the training and discipline that this dedicated family has given her. Because we donít know what she would be like with pets she hasnít grown up with we would prefer she be the only pet in the household and because she is a big girl a home with older children would be preferred.  She will benefit from being in a home where her owners have plenty of time for her. She will not benefit from a home where she is expected to stay in the back yard while everyone is out all day. She will become stressed and bored and destructive and it is not fair on any dog to be left alone in that way. She is not to be used as a guard dog as she is too soft. Please contact Jo if you can offer this deserving girl the best home.  Mara is priced at $500



 Jatz - 4 year old female

Jatz has sadly been returned to her breeder in a bad mental and physical state. She was returned because the owner did not give her the time or the care she deserved and her breeder has worked wonders with her. She is now in a much better place and is very loving and happy just to be with her people.

She is 4 years old and beautifully breed from a German import and a very beautiful Australian bred mother. Both parents can be viewed if necessary. Jatz needs an understanding owner and someone who can spend plenty of time with her. She must be allowed in the family home and she must be given plenty of exercise and mental stimulation regularly. She would fail miserably as a guard dog as she is still a bit scared of the world so she would need to be gently eased into her new home and new life. If you feel you can offer this gorgeous girl a loving understanding forever home please contact Jo. Jatz is available for $400.

Picture to Come

Foxy - 10 year old female

Foxy is one of our sad cases having being surrendered to the pound at the ripe old age of 10. She was found wandering and when her owner was notified he didnít want her anymore.

She was terrified of the world but since being in foster care she is slowly but surely coming out of her shell. She would suit an elderly couple who have had experience with the breed and will be able to spend a lot of time with her at least while she settles in to her new home.

She is good with children, other dogs and cats and would be a lovely companion for a couple or a single person will give her love and care in her twilight years. POA for Foxy.


Gidget - 4 year old female

Gidget is a 4 year old registered bred GSD who along with her sister and a number of other dogs from the same breeder, was surrendered to the RSPCA.

She is a lovely girl with people but not good with other dogs or in fact any other pets as she has not been socialised and has been kept in a kennel or a crate for most of her life. She has also been used for breeding as has her sister Jessie so we are after a loving forever home for both girls.

We would like her to go to a home where she is the only pet and in fact she should not be exposed to other dogs or cats in her community until she has been desensitised and properly trained. An experienced home is a must for this deserving girl. It is not her fault she is not good with other pets and we feel the best home for her would be just with humans who know and love the breed. She must not go to a home with small children as she is not used to them and she is definitely not to go to a home to be expected to guard the premises while everyone is out all day. She deserves the best home from now on as she has not had a good start. If you would like to offer her a loving home and have had shepherds before please contact Jo. Be prepared to discuss the amount of exercise you are able to provide her and also the type of diet you will be able to give her. Gidget is priced at $400


With all our dogs you must prove that you are capable of taking on a shepherd and therefore must have had plenty of experience. You must be prepared to discuss the type of diet you are prepared to provide and the amount of exercise on a daily basis.  What training  methods you plan to use and if you are going to be prepared to attend an obedience club. Please do not call if you are after a guard dog or if you have not ever had shepherds before. These dogs are very special and sometimes misunderstood. Unfortunately they have been in the wrong hands and they will need a strong understanding experienced owner to put them back on track.

Please contact Jo Tucker if you are interested and you can offer the best forever home for these worthy dogs. If you canít or wonít offer the best home please do not make contact as refusal will offend. We do ask that all our expenses be covered when we re-home the dogs so there will be a fee payable by  the new owner. They vary between $250 - $650 depending on the age of the dog and the costs already incurred. The costs are generally desexing, vaccination, kennelling, and other vet work.

Happy Endings

Summer was seized by the Animal Welfare League with her brother Rocky as they were in poor condition, never let out, had little or no shelter, only rainwater to drink, kibble thrown over the fence and the odd ham bone for their food and yet they have the most wonderful natures.

Here is Summer lapping up the luxury in her new home not long after she had surgery for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. She is a very much loved member of her new family.




Jay Jay was surrendered to us recently and when we asked what his name was we were told:  Number 4. He is now on a property north west of Sydney with at least 6 other rescue dogs of various breeds. He is very loved except when he takes it upon himself to chase horses so rather than surrender him his new family have spent a lot of money on a brand new fence to keep him and the horses safe.

Rosie was found wandering in the Southern Highlands with no id or microchip. She had had several litters and she was in poor condition. Look at her now!!! She is now officially the landed gentry as she lives on a property in Jindabyne at the weekends and a town house in Wollongong where she luxuriates during the week with her family.



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