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Rally O training is commencing next Tuesday 6th February, at our Orchard Hills grounds starting at 7.30 p.m. (our usual training time) with Tiki Friezer.   Tiki is a GSDL member, GSD owner and Obedience, Tracking and Rally O Judge.

Tiki has volunteered to conduct Rally O training on the first Tuesday of each month.

What is Rally O??

It is a fast moving and motivational sport for both handler and Dog.  The aim is to demonstrate competency in basic obedience Exercises without the precision of the formal obedience class.  Handlers can talk to their dog throughout the test it is encouraged.

The first level, Rally Novice, is performed entirely on the lead.

All members and their dogs are most welcome to attend.

Kathy Minton – Training Supt.