If you find a German Shepherd puppy or adult dog, check in the right ear for a tattoo.

A number of German Shepherd puppies are being tattooed by their breeders.

The 3 letters start at the tip of the ear, and are followed by the 3 or occasionally 4 numbers (which are deeper into the dogs ear). It is very important you read each individual character, as they are necessary to identify the unique identification of the dog.

It may be necessary to clean the ear with a damp cloth, to ensure you are reading it correctly.

On occasions it may be easier to read the tattoo if any excessive hair on the inside of the ear is clipped away, or even very carefully shaved.

Once you have identified the tattoo, call the GSDL Puppy Listings Offcier, Marilyn on 0428 218 287 or 02 4883 9220, who can help to identify the Breeder, and hence the dog.

Thank you for possibly re-uniting a dog with their owner !