National Merchandise and the GSDL Shop

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National Merchandise

Clothing pre-orders are now closed.

However, orders can be placed either on the GSDL Shop webpage or at the National with Pam Jarvis when the GSDL Shop is open at the National

These items will be posted approximately five weeks after the national for a postage fee of $20.00 (Australia only).

The Memento National Logo Mug and the GSDL Logo Small Cooler Bag are still available to be ordered and collected at the national.


The GSDL Shop

The GSDL Shop is being restocked with items to be sold at the National.

Please check back from time to time as new items are listed.

The GSDL Shop orders are open and can be collected at the  National and other events.

The GSDL Shop will have a range of leads, check chains, water buckets, dog beds, toys & GSDL clothing.


Link to the National and GSDL Shop.