Show, Obedience and puppy training

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German Shepherd Dog League

Orchard Hills Training

Show, Obedience and puppy training will recommence this month at the Bill Spillstead Complex for Canine Affairs Orchard Hills (Dogs NSW Grounds) with Obedience training starting on the 19th October 2021 and Show training on the 21st October 2021 at 7.30pm

Training for both nights will be limited to 20 people with their dogs per night until further notice so be there earlier than 7.30pm start time to book in to get on the training ground.

Each person attending shall provide certification of Covid double dose vaccination before training and there will be no observers, if you do have some extra’s they must stay in the car and all members must leave the grounds at the cessation of training.  

Training will be run under Covet Rules, sign in is a must and use your code as well.

Safe distancing to be adhered to and forming of groups after training will not be allowed.

Training fees will be $3.00 per dog payable on the night.

Let us hope that this is the start to getting back to normality

Terry Jarvis