The German Shepherd Dog has a great following worldwide and is a very versatile, all-round companion dog. They are used by the armed services and police for protection, tracking, rescue work; for herding and as a guide dog for the blind.

However, the vast majority are owned by Shepherd enthusiasts as beloved family pets.

We hope to give you some understanding of the background of the breed's history and what The German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc can offer you in regards to training and general care of your Shepherd.

The GSDL of NSW and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) have been established to promote the breeding, exhibition and overall improvement of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia

What's News from the GSDL ?

Breed Survey & Open Breed Affairs Meeting
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Breed Survey & Open Breed Affairs Meeting to be held on 14th July.  At the conclusion of the Breed Survey an Open Breed Affairs meeting will be held in the club house – all members welcome … Read More

Dogs on Show
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The GSDL have a Breed Stand for German Shepherds at the Dogs on Show.  Please come and visit us.   If Members if you wish to participate in this event please contact Karen Stevenson.   For more … Read More

Would you like the opportunity to sponsor one of the classes at the National? You can also advertise your dog or kennel in the National Catalogue
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Would you like the opportunity to sponsor one of the classes at the National? It’s a great help to the club and the running of the show. You’ll be acknowledged in the catalogue. To sponsor the … Read More

The GSDL next General meeting
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The next GSDL General meeting is on Monday July 8, 2019 at 8 pm.

Microchips For Sale
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The GSDL has microchips for sale which are in batches of 20.  These are $5.00 each i.e. $100 for pack of 20 however if posting is required please add another $l0 as these weigh quite heavy.  … Read More

The next meeting for the GSDL working committee for our 2020 National
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GSDL members a meeting for the Working Committee for May 2020  GSDCA National Show & Trial in will be held at our clubhouse before the next General meeting, May 13th commencing at 7 pm.  If you … Read More