The German Shepherd Dog has a great following worldwide and is a very versatile, all-round companion dog. They are used by the armed services and police for protection, tracking, rescue work; for herding and as a guide dog for the blind.

However, the vast majority are owned by Shepherd enthusiasts as beloved family pets.

We hope to give you some understanding of the background of the breed's history and what The German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Inc can offer you in regards to training and general care of your Shepherd.

The GSDL of NSW and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) have been established to promote the breeding, exhibition and overall improvement of the German Shepherd Dog in Australia

What's News from the GSDL ?

Next General Meeting
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Next General Meeting of the GSDL will be held on October 8 at 8:00 pm.  The meeting is at Orchard Hills Rooms at 8 pm.

2018 GSDCA National GSD Show & Trial
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Congratulations to the GSDL members on their success at the 2018 GSDCA National GSD Show & Trial 1st Baby bitch LSC – Crytara What’s The Catch – Yates family 1st Minor Bitch LSC – Lindenenelm Fancy Tickled … Read More

The GSDL is looking for a volunteer to take on the Social Secretary position.
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For more information please contact Fay Stokes on  or 0401 019 213

New Obedience Members Please Note
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Obedience for new members will commence the first Tuesday of the month.  For any more information please contact our Training coordinator Kathie Minton on

Canine Hip Dysplasia Study
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Canine Hip Dysplasia Study “Are We There Yet”?  GSDL Members can help Dr. Robert Zammit with a donation to this cause.   Read the attached article and find the details to donate.   Link to the Canine-Hip-Dysplasia-Study article.   … Read More

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Rally O training is commencing next Tuesday 6th February, at our Orchard Hills grounds starting at 7.30 p.m. (our usual training time) with Tiki Friezer.   Tiki is a GSDL member, GSD owner and Obedience, Tracking and … Read More