Sydney Dog Lovers Show


Sydney Dog Lovers Show in the Dome at Olympic Park at Homebush was a very successful weekend to present our breed. It was extremely busy with a genuine love and interest in the dogs.  A huge thank you to Kathie Minton with Chilli, Tony Darcy with Maverick, Rod and Di Coppini with Huggy Bear and Graeme and I took out Rio, Gypsy and Quilla. This meant we had 3 or 4 dogs on the stall at all times with LSC and SC. Graeme and Kathie did the Ask -the- Breeder Talks for Dogs NSW on the stage. So very proud of all the dogs we had on the stand as they were such fantastic ambassadors for the breed and admired by the public. We were given a great stand and position.


Dogs on Show

The GSDL of NSW had a breed stall at Dogs on Show at the Dogs NSW grounds. Thanks to Pam and Terry, Rod and Di, Les and Marilyn with Rosco for helping with the stall. Photos are compliments of Rochelle, thank you, you captured the day well. Tanya and Pearl, Teresa, Wayne and Djando, Steve and Jet and Rui and Milo dropped into the stall and enjoyed the event. There were mainly enquiries for training with the club.  Certificate of Appreciation awarded to the GSDL for support of Dogs on Show.   .



Paws in the Park at Camden.



The GSDL of NSW had a breed stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Thank you to Kathie Minton for bringing Chilli along, Jodi Stevenson for bringing Whiskey along and Rio was there to represent the LSCs. The dogs were fantastic ambassadors for the breed and complimented many times for their friendliness and calmness. At times there was a line of people waiting to meet the dogs. It was a great opportunity to educate the public on the advantages of buying registered dogs from registered breeders and how our club can support them in bringing up a healthy, sociable puppy.





GSDL at Dogs in the Park Penrith.  It was a great opportunity to get the German Shepherds out amongst the public and their dogs. There were over 74 stalls plus food vans with free entry where people could bring their own pet. It was a very social day rather than people interested in purchasing a GSD and those who owned one wanted advice on training. This was a beneficial event for the club as it was less than 10 kilometres from our clubhouse so some people were interest in memberships and are coming to training this week. A bonus was LSC Rio winning The Cutest Puppy Competition. Thank you to the following members for helping and bringing their dogs out:

Pam and Terry Jarvis and Lorraine Yates

Tony Darcy with SC Conkasha Black Spirit (Maverick)

Tom Devine with SC Conkasha Celtic Flame (Flame)

Rod and Di Coppini with LSC Sundaneka Huggy Bear (Huggy)

Graeme and I took LSC Sundaneka Rio Grande and SC Sundaneka Queen Bee

The German Shepherds were very popular with the public and the Events Management Team, pictured below.


The main promotional event of the year was Sydney Dog Lovers held at Moore Park. At this event Graeme Stevenson gave a 15-minute session at Ask the Breeder about the breed on both days and Kathie Minton talked about obedience training on the Saturday and Yvonne Spek spoke and answered questions on the Sunday. It was a great team effort over the two days and with setting up and packing away enabling all to be out of the venue just after 6pm. All dogs were great ambassadors of the breed mixing with the public and many other breeds. We had 4 half hour sessions throughout the weekend at Pat-a-Pooch where a German Shepherd was in with other breeds on a bed to be patted and cuddled. Thankyou to T&S Pet Supplies for donating comfy dog beds for our stall making it more welcoming to the public to be up close and personal with the dogs. Thank you to Kathie Minton, Pam and Terry Jarvis for helping Graeme and I on the stall on Saturday with LSC Sundaneka Rio Grande and SC *Sundaneka Baileys On Ice AZ. And on the Sunday Tony Darcy with SC Conkasha Black Spirit (Maverick), Yvonne Spek with SC Conkasha Montana Diva (Tana), Rod and Di Coppini with LSC Sundaneka Huggy Bear AZ and again baby LSC Sundaneka Rio Grande. Many comments about the friendly nature of all the dogs. The GSD stand was very busy at all times.


A very successful day at Dogs on Show run by Dogs NSW and sponsored by Royal Canin. We were one of 6 stands that the public had to visit to collect a sticker for the $250 Draw. Thanks to Terry and Pam for helping on the stand. Thanks to Les, Marilyn, Tony, Rodney and Di for bringing their dogs out to socialise and to Teresa, Wayne and Deb for visiting the stand with their dogs. Enquiries were about joining the club and wanting to come to training for those who had just purchased a puppy and general questions on owning and purchasing the breed.











Paws in the Park was held at Camden and was very successful exposing our breed and club to the general public. Thank you to club members who brought their dogs out to socialise. An excellently run event and most enjoyable. The dogs were excellent ambassadors for the breed. Many queries about training and the GSDL, membership forms and information sheets were handed out.

The German Shepherd Dog League’s breed stall at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We had a surprise visit to say hi from the wonderful Dr Rob Zammit. Vablo, Gus and Happy were excellent ambassadors for the breed socialising with the general public (babies, young children, people in wheelchairs).




Members and their dogs at the League stand, promoting our breed, Paws In the Park, Camden