Listing of German Shepherd Puppies and Older Dogs For Sale

If you require more information please contact Puppy Listings Registrar, Les Nicholas, email the Puppy Listings Registrar . Email is preferred, however, you can also contact Les on or 02 4883 9220 on weekdays between 5 pm to 8 pm or weekend 9 am to 8 pm


Please note that the puppies are not allowed to leave the breeder under 8 weeks of age and for our members to list their litters and older dogs for sale the parent of the puppies or older dogs for sale must have:

  • The Sire (father) must be: Breed Surveyed (*) “A” Stamped for Hips and “Z” Stamped for Elbows
  • The Dam (mother) must be: Breed Surveyed (*) A” Stamped for Hips “Z” Stamped for Elbows
  • The Puppies must be: Micro-chipped, Vaccinated, Registered with Dogs NSW

For the information of puppy buyers:

There are occasions when GSDL members advertise their membership to the The German Shepherd Dog League of New South Wales Inc. (GSDL of NSW Inc.), either in advertisements or on websites. Please note the following do not hold current membership of GSDL of NSW Inc.

Eternbur Kennels – despite the proclamation of membership on the Eternbur web site.

German Shepherd Puppies and Older Dogs

For Sale




2 Short Coat Males. 3 Short Coat Females.

Date of birth:      09/07/2019

Sire:                       *Hausillevon Garmin A Z

Dam:                     *Cossavane Skylah    AZ

Contact:                 Joan Thomson  (Cossavane  Kennels)

Phone:                   0402046913


Dogs NSW Membership Number:            2100019254


3 Short Coat Males puppies.

Date of birth:              13/06/2019

Sire:                          *UK Ch Conbhairean Freddie (imp UK)  A ED

Dam:                          *Kelinpark Malteser   AZ

Contact:                     Lyn Gregor  (Kelinpark Kennels)

Phone:                       02-66473185


Dogs NSW Membership Number::           2000308520

2 Short Coat Male 3 Short Coat Females

Date of birth:      16/07/2019

Sire:                     *Conkasha Atomic Fire  AZ

Dam:                   *Conkasha Indiana Sunset    AZ

Contact:               Tom Devine (Conkasha Kennels)

Phone:                 0413047220


Dogs NSW Membership Number:            2000336760