13’s Club Honour Roll


The average life expectancy of a German Shepherd Dog is between 10 and 13 years, with frequent examples in excess of those figures.  It is a wonderful achievement for animals to achieve the grand old age of  13 years.  As a club, the GSDL  voted at their meeting held on Monday 8 October to celebrate this wonderful milestone by starting the 13’s Club Honour Roll, a way in which a dog which has celebrated its 13th birthday, along with the owner and breeder, could be recognised.


Firstly for the animal, as with many breeds, the GSD is not precluded from illness and ailments that may take an animal at a younger age. The owners of these senior citizens are also to be congratulated as their nurturing and care has been invaluable, giving their companion the love and attention necessary to reach this wonderful age.  In some instances, bringing these loved animals into the world, whilst in the majority of cases loving their golden oldie from an 8 week old bundle of fluff, through the naughty adolescent months prior to maturity and then enjoying them growing old gracefully.


If your Dog has attained the age of 13 years, please apply for your Certificate by providing the following information:

  • Dogs Pet Name (including the pedigree name and titles if applicable),
  • Date of birth
  • Photo of the dog (preferably in their old age).

Please email details to GSDL secretary


A Certificate will be sent to you, their achievement will be published in both Shepherd News and as a permanent inclusion on the GSDL website’s l3’s Club Honour Roll



Angel (Unshaus Storm’s Miracle) Very much loved, owned and bred by Hetty Choy.

Remy ( Sundaneka Bella Remy) born on 14th May 2010, proudly bred and loved by Graeme and Karen Stevenson and  very much loved by Kodi Graham, Lisa Gillatt, Michelle Graham, Michael Laidlaw and Charlie Laidlaw-Graham. Photo taken on Remy’s 13th birthday.

Louie , born February 17th 2010 very much loved by the Fanthorpe Family




Whisky, born May 12, 2009 and having a wonderfully life. Whisky proudly owned and loved by Hiroko Takahara.

Darius (Pamakay Darius AZ ) Born January 27th, 2009  Proudly owned, loved and bred by Julie and Rodney Delriego.

Chloé  (Ch Carobria Rascal AZ ET BSC Cl 1 (Multi Excellent Graded)  Very much loved, owned and bred by Carolyn Becker and family.

Sam (*Ch. Yukisan Samaye AZ) loved, owned and bred by Jan Lawler.

Yana (Jaknell Sweet Revenge AZ) loved and owned by Anne and Jess Kada.

Isa (*Asterhund Isadorable AZ) loved & owned by Julie Delriego.

Shakira (Kuirau Wanika) born 25.10.09.  Very much loved by the Murray family.

Shibu (*Sundaneka White Satin AZ) born on the 11th November 2009, proudly bred and owned by Graeme & Karen Stevenson. Photo taken on her 13th birthday.

“Lana” *Bemboka Inner Star AZ Multi excellent graded. Celebrated her birthday.  Born on December 12th, 2009.




Amy (Lindenelm Angels Amelie AZ) Born January 16th, 2007.  Proudly owned and bred by Jan Kenny

Ruby (*Kuirau Ruby ‘A’ Z’ BSCL. 1 Excellent) born March 11th 2007. Proudly bred P, D & J Murray and owned and loved by James, Lisa, Joshua and Aidan Murray.  Photo taken on Ruby’s on 13th birthday.

Lulu (Ch. Neut. Ch. Fleta Prides Louisa CD AZ) and Georgie (*Neut. Ch. Fleta Prides Georgiana AZ) litter sisters (from a litter of 12) were born on 27th February 2006; the photos were taken on their 14th birthday.  Proud breeder and owners Ken and Darien Northcote.

Pinot (Kelinpark Pinot Noir AZ), born December 26th, 2006.  Proudly owned and bred by Lyn Gregor.

Harley (Sundaneka Harley) born on August 8th, 2006. Proudly owned and loved by Chris Heiner.

Nitro “*Sundaneka Jumping Jack AZ BSCl 1” born 1st May 2007 proudly owned by Vince and Vicki Panetta.


Rogue (Hillmagic Rogue Trader AZ) Born  February 14th, 2006.  Proudly owned by Peta Jones.

Porky (*Sundaneka Geisha Girl AZ) born on April 28 2006. Proudly owned by Karen and Graeme Stevenson. Photo taken on her birthday.

Mindy (Drepesh Stary Stary Nite Z)  born 22 April 2006 Proudly owned by David and Penny Kilner.

Anna (Brigenti Empress Anna ) Born January 12th, 2005.  Proudly owned by Gentiåna Mansfield

Della (Aldaina Udela AZ) Born July 4th, 2006.  Proudly owned and bred by Marian Scaresbrook

Usti ( VA *Ch Ustinov vom Romerland:a ED: SchH3 (imp Deu)) Born 15th September 2006. Proudly owned by Karen & Graeme Stevenson. Import in 2013. Photo taken on his birthday.

Vegas (*Asterix vom Hanness a ED) Born June 17th, 2006.  Loved and proudly owned by Jose Novelli.

Ukla (Ch Yukisan Ukla AZ) photo taken on her birthday.  Ukla was born 30th October 2006 and was bred, owned and very much loved by Jan Lawer.


Jacko   (Druann Jacko)   Born September 30th, 2005.  Proudly owned by Ann Mackenzie.


Kiera (*Ch Carobria  Krispy Kreme E.T. A Z) Born June 29th, 2004.  Proudly owned by Carolyn Becker.

Jack (Ch. Turnberry Jacklyn AZ) Born December 5th, 2004. Proudly owned by Ezmae and Mick Theris.

Anji (*Druann Anji  AZ)  Born February 3rd, 2004. Proudly owned by Ann Mackenzie.