GSDL members a meeting for the Working Committee for May 2020  GSDCA National Show & Trial in will be held at our clubhouse, May 13th commencing at 7 pm, held before the General Meeting.  If you would like to be part of this committee, please feel welcome to attend.

We last hosted the National in 2016.

We are looking for committed and talented people to join our National Show Committee to help us pull together a great National spectacle for our members and exhibitors from around the nation.

There is lots to be done and the old saying many hands make light work will help make it happen. You might form part of a team or sub-committee, which doesn’t mean you need to come to lots of meetings, just do your small part to help us put together a great show and trial.

You may have contacts in the corporate world or have some particular skill in IT, Marketing, Public Relations, stewarding, stenographing, running Trials, sponsorship, organising social occasions, etc. We are looking for energised and motivated people to lead a team and recruit team members.

If you think that sounds like you and you would like to do your bit to assist the League put on a spectacular National please come to the meeting or direct your Expressions of Interest to:

National Show Coordinator – Melanie Groth by phone or email.  0403541573