GSDCA Hip & Elbow Scheme goes Online From 1 July 2024

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GSDCA Hip & Elbow Scheme goes Online From 1 July 2024, the GSDCA will release a centralised online option to purchase x-ray contracts and a portal for upload of x-rays and documentation direct to the Radiologist of your choice. Both of these will be accessed via the GSDCA website.

GSDCA Hip & Elbow Scheme Portal Link

How will it work?

  1. On the GSDCA website owner enters dog info, attaches pedigree and pays for contract with credit card
  2. This contract payment generates an email to the respective state registrar that they have a contract application for checking and approval
  3. The state registrar checks the data, the uploaded pedigree and ‘approves’ the application 4. This generates a pdf of the ‘contract’ that is emailed to the owner. Take this copy to the vet.
  4. Dog and Owner make appointment and visit vet with paperwork. X-rays are taken.
  5. At the vet (or at home) use the upload portal on the GSDCA website to enter details of the dog and contract info, attach the files (x-ray dicoms, contract and pedigree pdf), select the preferred radiologist and submit for scoring
  6. This submission sends an email to the selected radiologist to view the files uploaded, score the x-rays, enter the results and approve result release
  7. This approval generates a pdf of the provisional results (aka the pink copy) as scored. It is emailed automatically to the owner, the scoring radiologist and the HDED registrar for final verification, AZ certificate generation and upload to the GSDCA database 9. Paper contracts and manual payments will still available via clubs (not preferred) but owners can then use the online x-ray portal to submit to the radiologist for scoring.