Friendly Reminder when entering GSDL shows

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Friendly Reminder – When entering GSDL shows, kindly ensure that you use only titles recognised by ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council). These titles should correspond to the ones appearing on your dog’s registration papers.
Some common issues that arise during the entry process that should not be used include abbreviations such as ZAP, DM Clear, VA, IGP/IPO ratings, A1 (instead of AI), and Iid (instead of IID).
If your dog has passed breed survey, it should be indicated by placing an asterisk before the dog’s pedigree name (e.g., *Prefix Showname). Please note that the breed survey abbreviation (BSC) should not be included.
We ask for your assistance to ensure your dog can be noted to be eligible for the Excellent grading.
For further information and more detailed instructions, please refer to this link:…/360001467875-How-do-I…