Minutes and Documentation from Past Years

GSDL Meeting Minutes and Reports

General Meeting Minutes May 10th 2021

General Meeting Minutes March 8th, 2021

General Meeting Minutes January 12th, 2021

General Meeting Minutes October 15th, 2019.

General Meeting Minutes July 8th, 2019

General Meeting Minutes May 13th, 2019

General Meeting Minutes March 11th, 2019

General Meeting Minutes 14th January, 2019

General Meeting Minutes 8th October 2018

General Meeting Minutes 13th August 2018

General Meeting Minutes 18th June, 2018

General Meeting Minutes 9th April 2018

Minutes of the General Meeting of the GSDL of NSW Inc February 12, 2018

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Monday 27th November, 2017

Minutes General Meeting 9th October, 2017

Minutes of the General Meeting of the GSDL of NSW Inc 19th June 2017

Minutes General Meeting GSDL of NSW Inc 10th April 2017


SV Zap Form – Character Assessment of dogs aged 9 to 13 months

GSDCA Minutes, Agendas and Reports

Communique released by GSDCA Executive & GSDCA Club Presidents

60 Day Motions from the 60th GSDCA Annual General Meeting, 2021

Agenda for the 60th AGM of the GSDCA to be held 6 & 7 February 2021     

Please note that the GSDL Representative will be Mr Terry Jarvis, not Mrs Fay Stokes as in the Agenda.

Imported Dogs, Bitches and Semen that have been verified by the GSDCA.

The animals are in order from most recent downwards.

New dogs verified will always appear at the top of the page.

View the relevant documents for the GSDCA AGM, to be held in February 2020

AGM 2020 Agenda

Attachment #1 Breed Survey Manual 2019 310719

Attachment #2 ZAP Character Test Manual Ver 1 Jan 2020 for AGM

Member Clubs GSDCA Project Outreach 310819

Attachment # 4 N&HR Submission re voting procedure for AGM from Election Company 2019


GSDCA AGM Booking Form 2020 Final

Executive Meeting Minutes 19th July 2019

ANKC Haemophilia LRL 250219 (2)

GSD Haemophilia Litter Registration Limitation (LRL)

Member Clubs Haemophilia LRL and Good Grading 15.04.19

Member Clubs 60 day motion letter 10.04.19

GSDCA AGM Minutes Final – held 9 and 10 February 2019

President’s Meeting Minutes 9 Feb 2019

Executive Meeting Minutes 9th February 2019

58th GSDCA AGM 60 day motions 220219

Member Clubs Chairman’s Preamble for AGM Final 131218

GSDCA AGM 2019 Agenda

GSDCA Obedience Meeting 6th October 2018 – Minutes of Meeting

GSDCA Annual National Breed Commission Meeting July 2018 Minutes

Results of 60 day motions from the 57th GSDCA Annual General Meeting

Comparison of SV DNA Parentage and Proposed ANKC DNA Testing (2)

Draft 60 Day Motions

Member Clubs 60 day motions 060318

SV Judges Regulation Clause 3

ANKC 1018l01 Response to GSDCA Submission 181017

GSDCA Minutes Annual General Meeting Feb 2017


President Meßler’s contribution to the SV Magazine issue of the month of November 2020

Circular Letter-Hair Varieties additional Information 13.11.2020

Circular Letter Hair Varieties Stockhair Longstockhair 09.09.2020

PharmAust Monepantel phase II clinical trial Information 2001.  Pharm Aust media release Dogs needed for promising anti-cancer drug clinical trial

2001-Pharm-Aust-media-release-Dogs-needed-for-promising-anti-cancer-drug-clinical trial

200310-clinical trial_ dogs wanted!-V6 200405_


Letter from Dr Robert Zammit to Mr Vince Tantaro relating to the GSD Genome Project, October 8th, 2019

Letter from Mr Hugh Gent OAM to Professor Dr Heinrich Messler, 30th September, 2019

Items relating WUSV Annual General Assembly 2018